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Our Smile Science

Gentleforce™ technology is at the heart of the InBrace system. The science of Gentleforce is based on a new modality of tooth movement called Programmed Non-Sliding Mechanics, which allows you to enjoy a better smile in a way that’s fast, comfortable, convenient, and completely under the radar. Programmed Non-Sliding Mechanics was developed through years of research between the engineering, orthodontic, and dental departments at the University of Southern California. Led by InBrace founders Dr. Hongsheng Tong (orthodontist, bone biologist) and Dr. John Pham (orthodontist, engineer), these pioneers spearheaded breakthroughs in bone biology, computerized orthodontic treatment, and gentle tooth movement that led to the InBrace revolution we know today. You can read more about our breakthrough science below:

Lingual Orthodontics Redefined with Automation and Friction-Free Mechanics
Inexpensive Orthodontic Treatment with a Prescription Custom-Base System
Generating an Ideal Virtual Setup with Three-Dimensional Crowns and Roots
Fast three-dimensional superimposition of cone beam computed tomography for orthopaedics and orthognathic surgery evaluation
Three-dimensional monitoring of root movement during orthodontic treatment
Monitoring of typodont root movement via crown superimposition of single cone-beam computed tomography and consecutive intraoral scans
Imaging software accuracy for 3-dimensional analysis of the upper airway
A new method to measure mesiodistal angulation and faciolingual inclination of each whole tooth with volumetric cone-beam computed tomography images
Imaging Software Accuracy for 3-Dimensional Analysis of the Upper Airway

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