Article Summary: When Dr. Frank Mogavero first saw the InBrace product, the San Clemente dentist knew it was the next big thing for teeth straightening.

Mogavero, a board-certified orthodontist for more than 30 years, saw how InBrace’s Smartwire technology is hidden behind a patient’s teeth while straightening it and how it works faster.

“It’s revolutionizing our industry,” said Mogavero to Spectrum News. “People are starting to hear about it because it really does work. It’s not much more expensive than traditional braces.”

Mogavero is not the only one sold on the new type of invisible braces product.

InBrace, an Irvine-based dental startup, recently raised an additional $102 million in a Series D round from venture capital firms, bringing the company’s total to $170 million within four years. Investment firms Farallon Capital Management and Marshall Wace led the funding.

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