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What are people saying about InBrace®? In one word, WOW. Patients can’t believe how fast results show. Their friends can’t believe how great they look. Orthodontists can’t believe the technology. Here are just a few of the reactions people have with InBrace.

I wish I had known about InBrace before getting professional aligners! InBrace is fixing my bite, which 3 years of professional aligners could not do — and all while being actually invisible.
Shreya, Engineer, 26
Dr. Amy G., Pediatric Dentist, 33
The nice thing about having InBrace on the inside is that you can actually see the gradual change. When you’re wearing braces on the front, it’s really hard to notice the difference because the wires and the brackets are so distracting.  — Dr. Amy G., Pediatric Dentist, 33
Monica, Stylist, 27
My friends have had professional aligners and they were hardly invisible. You could definitely see them. It's cool that InBrace is hidden behind my teeth — nobody can tell! But they can tell that I am smiling a lot more. It's the best!  — Monica, Stylist, 27
Yvonne, Chef, 33
I work in a restaurant and I am tasting food all day. With professional aligners every time you eat and drink you are supposed to brush your teeth. There is no way I could do that. I like that it just works, I don't feel like I have to do anything.  — Yvonne, Chef, 33
Dr. Bob Miller
My patients have been delighted by their InBrace experience and I have been impressed by the company and how much they care about my practice.  — Dr. Bob Miller
Courtney, MBA Candidate, 27
I am getting my MBA, and I want to be a leader in the future. Being a leader means that people will be looking at me, and I have to be someone that a team can get behind. There is something powerful about a confident smile. That is what InBrace does for me.  — Courtney, MBA Candidate, 27

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