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When you look in the mirror do you see space between your teeth? Food can get stuck in between your teeth leading to plaque build-up. Excess space can also cause broken or chipped teeth.

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Treatment length
On average, InBrace treatment time is 20% faster than plastic aligners and braces.
Brush and floss normally
No monthly tightenings / tray changes
Eat and drink normally
Teeth-straightening on autopilot
*Data on file.

How much does InBrace cost?

Treatment length and final costs depend on the complexity of your treatment and the Smile Design you and your provider agree on. Insurance can cover up to $2,000, and many providers offer low monthly payments. Ask your provider for details.

CostTreatment Length
InBrace$6.5 - 8.5k6 - 18 months
Professional aligners$4-7k12 - 18 months
Traditional braces$4-6k18 - 22 months
*Based on averages. Contact your local provider for details.
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