Article Summary: As one of San Clemente's most trusted and respected orthodontists, Dr. Frank Mogavero is a master of creating beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. For a truly invisible alternative to traditional braces, he recommends InBrace, a revolutionary technology that's changing the way orthodontists straighten teeth."In my three decades of experience as an orthodontist," Dr. Mogavero asserts, "I have seen many different products come and go. I have found InBrace to be the fastest and best treatment modality of anything I have experienced in my 31-year career."InBrace is a game changer in the world of orthodontics. It combines the reliability of traditional wire and bracket braces with the aesthetics of clear aligners. InBrace sits behind teeth and creates a more transparent and pleasing effect. The system never needs to be removed, even during brushing, flossing, and eating. Dr. Mogavero often recommends InBrace for patients who are interested in clear aligners, because they provide a more convenient option while delivering superior results.



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