Article Summary: Once upon a time, YouTube was the place to go to uncover jaw-dropping beauty secrets worth putting to the test. Now, living in the land of Gen Z, TikTok has become the new Oz for beauty and lifestyle trends. What started as a place for choreographed dance moves quickly exploded into a platform where folks of all ages can go to uncover the latest-and-greatest products and hacks. Most recently, it's been the space where "mewing" has reentered the conversation.Not familiar with the term? First widely shared on YouTube, mewing is the practice of changing your tongue posture in an attempt to strengthen and redefine your jawline. Supposedly, if you press your tongue into the top of your mouth—as opposed to letting it sit freely—it will engage your jaw muscles and lead to a "better" jawline.Now, if you're thinking that sounds sus, you're not alone. Despite the trend skyrocketing on TikTok—the mewing hashtag has over 178 million views—many users wonder if it's actually an effective hack. To find out, we chatted with a few experts in the dental field. Keep reading to find out what they had to say.



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