About Us

Like any good underdog story, ours started with an industry that said “no way.” We, of course, are delighted to prove them wrong.

Made by orthodontists, for a superior patient experience.

When we looked at the landscape of available treatment options, we realized that patients were being asked to make too many compromises. So we set out to create a system that was not only more efficient, more convenient, and more aesthetically pleasing, it would also allow patients to see results as quickly as they appeared.

Using advanced technology and calling on the talents of a diverse team of orthodontists, bone biologists, computer scientists, engineers, and designers, InBrace is helping people everywhere reclaim their self-confidence every day.

Changing the face of orthodontics.

Changing the face of orthodontics.

We aren’t here to repeat what’s already been said. We’re here to change the face of orthodontics – one mouth at a time. We’re revolutionizing orthodontic technology, transforming not only how teeth are adjusted, but the entire patient experience.

How it works. How it feels. How it looks. Starting from day one. Because everyone deserves to feel confident sharing their truest selves with the world.


Patients and orthodontists trust us—and we take that very seriously. We believe in holding ourselves, our product, and our process to the highest possible levels of integrity. That is the only way that we can continue to impact the lives of millions in a healthy way.


We aren’t afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo. In fact, that’s been our MO from the start. We thrive on new perspectives and discard tired solutions. We welcome big thinkers and have no time for naysayers.


While a great idea may originate from one person, it takes an entire team of talented people to bring it to life. It is only through thoughtful, meaningful collaboration that we can create a technology that is both uniquely powerful and transformative.

Leadership Team

Dr. John Pham
Dr. John Pham CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Hongsheng Tong
Dr. Hongsheng Tong Co-Founder & Principal Orthodontic Scientist
Jeffrey Nardoci
Jeffrey Nardoci President and COO
Kevin Cousins
Kevin Cousins Chief Financial Officer
Kenny Chang
Kenny Chang SVP Enterprise Development
Eric Guenterberg
Eric Guenterberg VP of Software

Lead Advisors& Mentors

Ron Redmond
Ron Redmond Board Member
Dr. John J. Tracy
Dr. John J. Tracy Business Advisory Board Member & Senior Executive Advisor
Nancy Stagliano
Nancy Stagliano Business Advisory Board
Rich Iverson
Rich Iverson Business Advisory Board
Don Tuttle
Don Tuttle Business Advisory Board
Glenn Sameshima
Glenn Sameshima Clinical Advisory Board Member
Marc Lemchen
Marc Lemchen Business and Clinical Advisory Board Member

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